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Game Of Thrones Season 8 Biggest Confirmed Spoilers: Jamie Fate’s Revealed?

Game of Thrones Season 8 Spoilers: Is Jon Snow going to marry Cersei Lannister to save Winterfell?

Hey guys, in this article, we are going to tell you the fate of Jamie Lannister during the final season. The episode 1 of Game of Thrones season 8 is about to air on April 14, 2019, Sunday. So, these spoilers are based on trailer teasers, promotional photos, and a few theories and predictions of ours as well. (Check: Last Minute Predictions for GoT S8.)

Jamie will rarely realine with forces in the Riverlands and set totally free in first episode. He will arrive at Riverland in Episode 2 and he will reunite with quite a bit of characters like Tyrion, Bran Stark. In Episode 3, Jaime will fight in the battle for Winterfell, and thanks to the official Russian translated trailer, we now know who’s name is Jaime shouting in the clip.

Jaime will save Bran’s life, and by our theory, he will also kill his sister Cersei Lannister, and possibly even kill the Night King – thereby truly earning the name Kingslayer. With all being said, let’s quickly jump into it. Let’s start with a quick recap about Jaime. Sir Jaime Lannister is the eldest son of Tywin Lannister, and younger twin brother of Cersei, and older brother of Tyrion Lannister.

game of thrones season 8 spoilers

game of thrones season 8 spoilers

He was involved in an incestuous relationship with Cersei and became a biological father of her three children – Joffre, Marcel, and Tommen. Jaime previously served in the Kingsguard of Aerys II Targaryen popularly known as the Mad King. Then, he backstabbed Aerys during the sack of King’s Landing – earning the name of the Kingslayer.

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He continued to serve in the Kingsguard of Robert Baratheon and as Lord Commander for Robert’s alleged sons – Joffrey and Tommen. However, on the confrontation with the faith of the seven, he was dismissed from the sworn order and Ursus accession to the Iron Throne. In the light of the death of their uncle Kevan Lannister, Jaime was appointed as the new commander of the Lannister armies.

However, he left his position to honor and help the north face the White Walkers after he learned that Cersei plot and the truth of the alliance of House Targaryen and House Stark. Jaime’s arrival at Winterfell was firstly teased by the official season photos where we saw Jamie in a stark armor that looked exactly like Rob’s sitting in a room, judging by the type of the wall in the background seems to be located at Winterfell.

Then, the trailer itself confirmed that it. Jaime indeed arrive at Winterfell in episode 1 ending or episode 2 beginning. He will also fight for Winterfell against the night king and his army. He can’t help much without an army, but it’s not a problem since Jaime will get himself along the way. The first we will see of Jamie Lannister in season 8, in our opinion, will be at the crossroad scene where he will make a stop for the night.

That’s also the place where Bronn will finally catch up with Jamie and where the two will reunite. The next morning, the two won’t continue traveling the Kings Road that ran straight towards Winterfell. Instead, they will take on the River Road that runs west into the Riverlands. Jaime and Bronn will go to Riverrun to rally the Lannister forces, they were sent to the Riverlands to ensure peace.

Jaime will probably set House Tully free under one condition to rally the Riverlands and march the North at once to help his nieces and nephews defend Winterfell against the Night King. Just recently, the cast for the Game of Thrones S8 episode 1 was leaked. Visible for all to see on HBO schedule. The name of an actor who plays Edmure Tully was there.

It seems that Jaime will pay him a visit in GoT season 8 premiere, setting him free and convince him to go with him to Winterfell. Then, at the end of episode 1 or beginning of episode 2, Jaime will finally arrive in Winterfell with Bronn by his side and the Lannister forces hat he managed together as well as the Riverlands forces that he managed to rally.

Jaime will have a huge reunion with a quite a bit of characters. Tyrion and Brienne will be proud that Jamie is back on his pledge. Well, hen in that sense, we would be a bit suspicious about his intentions upon finding out that Cersei betrayed him, the last king why did he come to Winterfell with little Lannister forces, and why did he rally the Riverlands sweet Admiral and his beloved sister and sister is obviously not going to help them, and why should they even trust him that’s when Jamie’s line from the official trailer will come out.

He will reply – I promise to fight for living and I intend to keep that promise. Ofcourse, the most important reunion with Bran Stark – a kid he tried to kill to keep from reporting what he had witnessed, which if he had reported would have ended with Jaime, Cersei, and all of their children being executed.

We don’t expect from Starks to execute Jaime, after all Jon and Danny invited Lannisters to come and support the living in the wars to come. Jaime agreed and honored a pledge meaning that no harm Jon do to him nor would he allow anyone else to do so. It means that Arya most likely will not kill Jaime as soon as she finds out Jaime attempted to kill her sibling.

Bran Stark will likely forgive Jaime, and this one will likely save Bran’s life in episode 3. During the battle for Winterfell which has actually been hinted by the official trailer, if you have seen the trailer, you notice that Jaime’s panicking in this clip and he shouts something, but you can’t really say for sure what exactly is he shouting.

However, the official Russian translated trailer gave us an answer to that Jamie clearly shouts the name of Bran Stark. So, what probably happens in that Jaime sees a bunch of Whites breaching the gates of Winterfell wherever Bran is at the moment. Jaime sees it and so he shouts Bran to someone likely Arya as a warning that his life is in danger.

Then, Jaime and Arya probably ran to defend Bran. So, they both go for Bran who is accompanied by Sam wherever they are. This right here might be Arya and behind her Jamie and Sam pushing Bran as they all run for something. Sir Jaime and Sam pushing Bran’s wheelchair will not be as quick as Arya still try to distract at something random, running get away and thus saving Bran.

In the clip, we can actually what’s chasing her. In the inversion, we can see that she is being pursued by something with a skeletal face. Keeping in mind that Arya doesn’t fear death, she would stand anyone or anything. Arya would not be afraid of White Walkers as she’s actually fighting those in the trailer. She won’t run from them especially since she’s holding a knife made by dragonglass which kills them.

We guess the one chasing her or leas among them is Mr Broderick who died at the Battle of the Bastards who’s been buried in the crypts below Winterfell. Arya see Broderick, cries and not able to fight him so she runs back to Jamie. So, he comes to Winterfell with all the forces he managed together. He gives his best during the battle when he fell and saves Bran.

Nothing less, we have expected for Jamie. He is doing right and he is finally being himself – truly honorable man. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, the actor who plays Jamie teased that it’s what Jamie will do throughout the season. He said that Jamie’s doing what he believes is right, fighting for the good side and abandoning Cersei’s side.

But given Cersei in season 8 episode 5 of Game of Thrones, upon he finds that she plans to burn the entire capital to the ground by using wildfire including millions of innocent people as well as Jon-Danny and their armies will come there after the fall of Winterfell. They will be fighting the Night King and his armies inside would also be the right choice.

That’s one end game theory for Jamie. Let’s talk about it for a minute. Even though the living side will suffer a tremendous defeat at Winterfell, most of he main characters will make it out alive include Jamie Lannister. The entire living side will have to seek refuge soutthern south. It has been confirmed by leaked photos John and Danny will come to King’s Landing once again to partner with Cersei.

At the end of GoT season 7, Cersei’s plan was to allow her enemies exhaust themselves against the army of the Dead. Then, hit the gun company to mop up the remnants so whoever is left in the north. However, the army of the Dead is the one that will win the battle for the north.

This is a moment when Cersei will forge a new plan. She will now allow the entire living side to seek refuge at the capital butt she will also open the city gates for the army of the Dead. Cersei’s plan is to have all of them fighting inside the King’s Landing whereupon she would burn them all with wildfire that is hidden all over the capital.

That way she would get rid of all her enemies. At first glance, it looks like John is coming to plead for Cersei’s help after the living side suffered a huge loss is a benefit. After all John would now return to enemy territory unless the circumstances were dire and that’s exactly what’s happening here.

Long story short, this huge meeting between Cersei and John will end with another fake promise on Cersei’s behalf. She will ensure John and living side can seek refuge in King’s Landing and it must not fall while she’s actually setting already mentioned trap. When Jamie finds out that Cersei intends to use wildfire to get rid of all her enemies including Jon’s and Danny’s armies that came to save the capital.

Jamie will realize that Cersei is no different than the Mad King, when Jamie finds out that Cersei ordered the entire city to be burned down to ashes with one million people rather than supporting living side and fight the Night King. It’s because she knows that the living is to win and she will not be able to keep the Iron Throne.

Jaime will have to do something huge. He will have to kill his sister. He has already sacrificed his honor once to save hundreds fo thousands of innocent lives by killing the Mad King. And ever since then, he came to be known as the Kingslayer. However, Cersei now intends to do the same. It’s pretty safe to say that Jaime is going to kill his sister once she gives an order to Qyburn- as the Mad King used to say burn them all.

Jaime will do noble sacrifice once again, but this time, he will not trade it with his honor. This time, it requires his life. He will sacrifice himself by killing Cersei as he knows that Mountain will kill him immediately. That’s one end game theory for Jaime.

The other states that Jaime will actually kill the Night King, thereby truly earning the name Kingslayer. Later all his life, it has been an insult but now people will come that in triumph. This time everyone will know that Jaime Lannister is the savior of Westeros and the only reason they are alive.

That’s a Jamie the night Kingslayer Lannister and game theory. Perhaps, he will kill both Cersei and the Night King, but we highly doubt it. We do, however, believe that he will one of them. Although, it’s probably going to be Cersei Lannister.

There here guys, Jamie’s fate in season 8 with some events being confirmed and the other just predictions saying theories of ours. In conclusion, Jaime will definitely play a huge role in this final season and one can’t simply wait to see how Jamie’s story will play out.

Feel free to leave your thoughts about all of this in the comment section down below.

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