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Game of Thrones Season 7: Stars To Have More Screen Time Than Before

Game of Thrones Season 7

Game of Thrones Season 7: The star cast is going to get more screen time in the seventh installment of the Game of Thrones. However, the number of episodes are getting fewer in number. The upcoming chapter will be epic as the whole budget will be spread over seven episodes instead of regular ten.

Game of Thrones Season 7: Cast Worked More This Time

By more epic, we meant that the show will feature better and impressive settings, bigger battle scenes, and gigantic and fearsome dragons. There will be more action and visual effects than ever before. GoT season 7 will have more scenes to make primary characters shine. Long-gestating storylines will start to pay off.

Game of Thrones Season 7

When Game of Thrones season 7 cast was asked about their workload, they revealed that they were called upon more than ever before. There weren’t given enough breaks like before, but thanks to the lower number of episodes, they are probably free now.

Emilia Clarke, who plays Queen of Dragons Daenerys Targaryen, got surprised on knowing her character shows up in the new scripts. She said:

“When I first read this season I thought: ‘Damn, I gotta learn some lines!’ We’re actually filming longer now. I don’t know how that’s happening.”

Peter Dinklage who portrays Tyrion Lannister also commented on his increased workload. He stated:

“I’ve worked more days this season than I have in quite some time.”

Showrunner DB Weiss explained the reason as to why the stars are appearing more often in GoT s7. He said that carnage unleashed the last installment and claimed major characters like Ramsay Bolton and Margaery Tyrell. Thus, it’s a big father. It simply means that the rest of the characters will have to carry more on their shoulders.

As the number of characters becomes fewer, the living major characters get bumped off. Along with it, Weiss told us one more reason for the same. He said:

“As the worlds start to converge the characters who haven’t met each other before start to meet each other and there are more main characters together in each other’s storylines than ever before. Ever since Tyrion crossed the Narrow Sea and met Dany that’s been the general direction. And having them on set together is a real privilege for us.”

Though it was difficult to remove great characters like Ramsay Bolton and Margaery Tyrell, it was a good decision at the same time. It will allow more time for Dany, Tyrion, Cersei, Jon Snow, and the Star kids.

These few main characters are the ones most followed and most invested in. Thus, these are naturally the people the series and viewers want to see. For the previous few seasons, Tyrion was sort of less used character. So, it’s a good news that he will be getting more screen time now.

As the things are accelerating toward the big climax, the action will be more epic and our favorite characters will be more front and center than ever.

GoT season 7 releases / premieres on July 16, 2017.

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