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GOT S8E1 Spoiler: Last Minute Predictions

GOT S8E1 Spoiler

Hello all Game Of Thrones Spoilers fans, we’re finally doing it this is Game of Thrones season and we’re actually going to see some of the cool stuff that we’ve been speculating about for a really long time. Lets go over some of the predictions that I have for the upcoming season of Game of Thrones some of these are ones that aren’t exactly mind-blowing you’ve probably heard these before but other ones.

I don’t know I just kind of thought about like you know let’s let’s kind of boldly go out there and like lay our claim that we think this could happen so let’s start off with number I think that Theon Greyjoy is gonna go out there. I think he is going to save his sister Yara from the evil Leon. Gradually Leon’s gonna get some of the Greyjoy’s.

GOT S8E1 Spoiler

GOT S8E1 Spoiler

We’re also gonna find out if Euron probably coming back from Essos with the golden company gonna get on board he’s gonna release Yara, but before Yara goes she’s gonna try to do the whole Tyrion Lannister thing and he’s gonna go find.

There is good possibility that Tyrion gonna kill Sara because Theon and Euron have some kind of big fight right there and more unlikely neither of them dies. Theon probably somehow finds a way to escape because his whole mission was Yara, not necessarily killing Euron.

I think that Arya Stark is gonna end up with the biggest body count to end the season. Now what I mean by that is like obviously like Vissarion or drogon or even the night king they’re gonna have the biggest body count. When it comes down to it but what I’m saying is like Arya is going to be in battle she’s gonna be sling people left and right.

Arya as a character at this point isn’t really worth anything from a depth standpoint really her role is so she can go out there and kick a lot of ass. It’s been three seasons or so where she’s been trained to be an assassin and a warrior so she’s not gonna do that in this final season when she has no chance of ruling anything and she doesn’t know anything other than killing then she’s kind of a big disappointment. Hopefully she goes out there she slays a lot of people even for being a small point of the knife. I think she will die the end of the season hopefully she goes out as a total boss the next one this one.

I don’t think is a shock to anybody but I think that Jamie is going to end up killing Cersei now. There’s a lot of people out there to think that Cersei Lannister is gonna die one way or another one of them being arias start killing her with Jamie’s face which I cannot comprehend as to why anyone would want that or really why people think that would be the number one choice.

Greyjoy is probably coming back for the golden company instead of giving it to Cersei. Greyjoy is probably like “My throne I would really like that so I’m just gonna take it” This thing also makes lot of sense to me but it also comes down to from a storytelling standpoint Jaime Lannister is the guy he has always been the guy that should kill Cersei.

Most probably he’s gonna wrap that little golden hand around Circe’s throat and she’s gonna die. Sansa Stark is gonna live on, I think out of all the people that are going to move forward in the series she may be the person I feel the most confident about being alive in the end now. There are people like Jon Snow that it makes a lot of sense that he already died once so he’s probably iconic he’s not gonna die again.

John is also kind of what it’s all about it seems the whole story of Ice and Fire but I think that Sansa is someone that I’m willing to like put my stamp on and say that she’s gonna live really when it comes down to it. I think it’s gonna annoy a lot of people because there’s a lot of people that don’t see kind of the point of Sansa Stark and they don’t see why she would be particularly good or why she’s made it that far but its considerable that all the mishap all she’s been through and she’s come out the other end.

Sansa Stark would be a person that would be able to figure out how to put together a society afterward she does a good job of ruling people up in Winterfell for that short period of time, she will be probably the one who can do it again after such a gap.

Tyrion is going to be accidentally riding a dragon and what I mean by accidentally riding a dragon. Sure I think a lot of people believe that Tyrion could be the third Targaryen now this is all based off the idea there has to be three Dragon Riders and Tyrion has a little bit of time underneath Great Pyramid and marine where he hung out with regal and Masseria.

Hence there’s a little bit of a tease to that I think Rhaegal is gonna be Jon Snow’s dragon really what comes down to it I mean he is doing the mother of dragons so it makes sense that he would get a dragon and he is a Targaryen so he should get a dragon.

I think Tyrion will see an opportunity to be formally a hero he will accidentally like fall onto the dragon or he will climb up it in some kind of rage and he will actually ride a dragon into battle at some point and I think it’s gonna be really cool you know he’s always had dragon dreams in the books and I think that’s what’s kind of led to the idea that he’s definitely a Targaryen.

I think Jon Snow will unfortunately have to kill Daenerys Targaryen in order to fulfill the prophecy of Azor Ahai. When the night king and the White Walkers came around the first period of time Azor Ahai had tried to forge a great weapon called light bringer he tried a bunch of different ways the only way it worked it was that he had to shove it in the heart of the one he love most.

That is what forged light bringer which eventually beat the White Walkers I think Jon Snow is gonna have to repeat history in this scenario and Daenerys is gonna have to die in order for everyone else to live. It’s so beautiful to me because there’s this idea that Daenerys Targaryen is going to be the ultimate savior of Westeros ideally with her ruling on the Iron Throne the best thing about it is if she were to die she would save everybody but never ruling by her.

Melisandre is gonna bring back an army from Essos like she had talked about with Varys now in season seven of Game of Thrones she said to Varys. I think she’s going over dresses she’s gonna bring back an army called the fiery hand they mentioned in the books. The fiery hand is basically a bunch of slave soldiers that are basically subjected to religious the Lord of Light and that’s who Melisandre serves.

All these people that are related to the Lord of Light  are the Lord of Light and bring them over to where the fight is because this is what it’s all about if they win against Westeros they could probably find a way to get across the Narrow Sea and take over Westeros as well. And the night king seems to be a smart guy he could just get some ships or something and put his people on it and go over to Essos.

I’m pretty much looking  forward to that number the Hound fights the mountain and unfortunately even though the mountain is going to lose and be dead I think the Hound is also going to die in that scenario as well I think in order for the mountain toto die now that he’s in Zombie version he’s gonna have to lose by being burnt. Jeff said that he doesn’t have a head it’s actually pretty well pretty much made clear that he doesn’t have a head but Robert strong aka the mountain he is probably gonna have to die in an unconventional way fire seems to kill

I love the idea that the mountain will die by fire and the Hound will have to be the one wielding it he will have the thing that he is most fearful of in the world fighting against the other thing that he is most fearful of in the world and that’s just beautiful for the Hound for him to go down that way and he would die he would duck that’s true. What really matters is as long as he contributes to the end of the series of him helping everyone else out important to me that he dies Sansa Stark comes up rubs him in the face before he dies and he says something Stark that is a huge thing and if they

Iron Throne is gonna be absolutely useless I mean we’ve talked about this for such a long time in the first season it was all about who’s gonna be on the throne at the end of this after all it’s got the game of Thrones I don’t think the throne is gonna be worth a damn thing it may even be melted but probably not I think it’s gonna be a chair that’s gonna be useless and maybe a rubble of a castle.

That’s all for now folks, let’s wait for few hours to GOT S8E1 Live Streaming. I think the event is going to be much fun after all. This season is also going to have longer episodes which makes sense that they’re gonna be more fun.

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